10 May 2021

  • New “Metrics” fonctionnality. Give you acces to the statistics of your application. It is now possible to see Metrics of your application according to the following criterias:

    • Application name

    • Time period

    • Group by day/month/year

  • Allgo API has been upgrade to integrate “Metrics”
    • /api/v1/metrics/

23 Apr 2020

  • The internal docker registry is now exposed to the user to allow continuous deployment. You can build your webapp as a docker image and push it to Allgo.

  • A page was added for managing the versions of an application. It is now possible to:

    • rename/delete/restore a deployed version (deleted versions remain accessible during 30 days)

    • mark a version as ‘unpublished’ or ‘published’. An ‘unpublished’ version is not visible by the other users (even if the app is public), you can use this feature for your work-in-progress versions.

  • The list of job input files is now provided in the environment variable ALLGO_FILES. We added it for two reasons: to avoid forcing the entrypoint to discover the input files (which was a bit awkward and error-prone) and to tell in which order the files are submitted by the user.

  • The job submission form now allows submitting files from different directories and it supports drag’n’drop.

  • There is new API endpoint for monitoring the progress of a job without polling

  • Many bugfixes, especially in the API (CORS config, divergences with the original API from

14 Oct 2019

  • API fixes (the response of POST /apt/v1/jobs diverged from the original API)

08 Jan 2019

  • fixed the zip file generation (job files)

  • minor UI fixes

20 Dec 2018

New allgo frontend